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Henrik Larsson Company Manager (Sweden)

Hi! My name is Henrik Larsson. During 12 years I have developed a number of visions.

It all started in 2009 with the vision of White Metal Shop, followed by White Metal Café, Rainbow Rock Festival, then From My Metal Heart, Metal House and now DHA Records.
All these visions are now gathered under the name Metal House.

During these years I have met many people in the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal scene and it has given me quite a lot if experience in these genres. It has also made me terrible picky when it comes to this kind of music style. I realized that Chrisitan bands must be 100 % better than bands established in the secular world. In order for me and my co-workers to take you in as a band, I demand certain things fro you: You should be Christians and dare to stand up for your faith.
You should also have that ”little extra” = Suprise me!

DHA Records is a record lable that only takes in bands on Christian basis.
Welcome to contact me: dha@metalhouse.one

Ella Lohi Video Producer (Finland)


Hello! My name is Ella  Currently media student from Finland. I fell in love with filming two years ago when I was helping to film bands music video. It was cold, dark autumn night by the lake, but it was such a fun experience to have that camera and try out all kinds of angles and tricks. I was helping to edit it also and it clicked just as much for me. Seeing the result was just amazing even thought it wasn't flawless. It was something that I made with my own hands.

Now I had done some music videos, including planning and directing one. Since that dark chilling lake shooting night, I have learned much and I always love to try new things and tricks. Every project teaches something new and gives a new inspiration. I bought my own DSLR, designed especially for filming, and I feel like there's nothing you can't do with it. I absolutely love my camera, it's a little beast.

Since I was a little girl, whenever I have been listening music I'm always imagin a music video for the song in my head. So if you're asking for special interests in filming, music videos would be a safe bet. But I had also done some work for companies, for example web courses.

Miia Rautiainen Reviewer (Finland)

Hi my name is Miia Rautiainen I was raised by a mother who received Jesus when I was 6 years old. I received Jesus when I was 8 years old. When I was 9 years old, I discovered hard rock. It became part of my identity.

At the same time, faith has always been there. The church I lived in was very strict and I was constantly told that these two identities could not be reconciled, so I lived in double worlds. I always felt that God was not against the music or the people involved in it.

I love Metal and Rock. For 30 years I have spent a lot of time in the environment around concerts, festivals and on social media. I feel in my heart how much God loves the people around the music and that he is not against the music or the people who enjoy listening to it.

The message of Jesus and a good God belongs to all people, no one is excluded, no matter what some people believe. I was called by God to spread the word about Jesus to other hard rockers.

Over the years, God has brought me together with people with the same task, to be with and reach out with the message. Now I get to use my accumulated knowledge to raise awareness about Christian hard rock and I want to do that for the rest of my life.

Dave Williams Teacher Mentor (England)

Hi! my name is Dave has been heavily involved in all aspects of Christian heavy music ministry. He received his call to ministry in the late 1980’s staging outreach concerts and tours for many bands from the UK and the USA. This evolved onto running a Christian record label, band management and mentoring young bands as artist development and industry advisor. Dave is the director of Meltdown Music who stage the worlds most established Christian heavy music event in the UK. He is a Christian magician, evangelist, bible teacher and Christian author. Dave has experience running rock stages of all sizes at small concerts in small venues to major stages at large music festivals. Outside of his main ministry he is a qualified college lecturer teaching computer applications, ICT, Website design and Graphics. Moving forwards Dave is dedicated to all aspects of the Meltdown ministry and the work of the Metal House ministry and all their related events and projects

Anthony Hodgson Graphic Designer (England)

Hi My name is Anthony Hodgson  Grew up in Whitby (St Hilda, Captain Cook, Dracula), Yorkshire, northern England. Married to Mylene and now lives in London with two bairns, Theo (15) and Candice (12). Has been playing the guitar and writing songs since he was a teenager, and has played in Britain and abroad as well as producing an album with friends and several collaborations. He also works as an artist, mostly in inks and pastels, producing Celtic and Contemporary Spiritual art, Gothic art and Doodle art as well as writing and performing poetry (had a book of poetry published in 2016). Anthony believes that God is raising up an army of artists (of all genres) to build a throne for the returning king. He is inspired by the conflicts within our existence: light, dark; life, death; imprisonment, freedom and the relationships between them and is especially interested in the use of music, art and poetry as a conduit for God's Spirit and a bridge between a broken mankind and Father God.'