The Passion Project
Is A Metal Opera Project Where Style Is Symphonic Power Metal
I, Henrik Larsson, who runs this project, have written all the texts.

Niclas Buss, who wrote the music, is behind other projects such as Hilasherion, Northern Flame, In Divinia and Parakletos.

Rodney Feltman, who mixed the project, is a mixer and musician in the studio band Sardonyx.

Jani Stefanovic, who programmed the drums, can be seen in the bands Divine Fire, Essent Of Sorrow and The Waymaker.

Now to all the amazing singers who are in the Project
Emma Backman, a freelance singer from Finland, has trained in opera and sing in one of Niclas Buss' projects In Divinia

Ville Herranen Lead singer of the Christian Death Metal band Inborn Tendency

Tom Denlinger, lead singer of the student band Sardonyx

Les Carlsen, a man known for singing in the musical Hair on the Brodway and as a hard rock singer in the band Blood Good.

Simon Granlund who we hear in the band Norhern Flame

Skot Shaw American singer and originator of the Ghotic band Leper

Frode Moltemyr from Norway with the powerful voice in the VEIR project

Ronny Hanilesen who is known in bands like Antestor, Grave Declaration, Vaakevandring

Simon Björn and his wife Sheri who you can hear in the band Dark Valentine

Johan Falk from the band Incrave which actually Emil Westerdal signed in his label Ulterium Record.
Without Jesus and these amazing singers, this project would not have existed.



When I wrote these lyrics, I focused on the participants' thoughts, impressions, etc.

The Birth
It's about Mary who tells people that a king and savior has come into the world.
The Lords Prayer
It's about what Jesus would say to the disciples, and how he would teach them how to pray.

Walking On The Water
It's about Jesus' meeting with Peter and the others in the boat and about what he says to Peter.

The Dessert Walk
Jesus' walk in the desert, his thoughts, passion, daring, feeling, etc., to walk in a heat for 40 days and 40 nights, without water, no protection on his feet, hardly any clothes on in a scorching chair that makes it 80 degrees hot, it must have required an enormous faith and will and strength from Jesus.....

The Temptation
This duet between two powerful figures Jesus and the Devil Jesus with his fidelity and loyalty to God and the devil with his arrogance, pride and a little stupidity who in his stupidity believes that he has won over God and that he is greater than God.


Traitors Kiss
It's about waiting for something to happen that God showed Jesus, waiting to get that kiss from one of the disciples that he knew would betray him, when he meets Judas eye for an eye then he knew that now is the time. But the wait before this act is done must have required tremendous strength and patience from Jesus.

It's about Jesus' thoughts, impressions ETC when he walks his last walk as a living person. Everything he hears from screaming people filled with hatred, the guards who tortured him, the heat, the heavy cross that he had to carry all by himself that not even the guards could carry without help.

I'm sure there's a lot more that could be included, but for me these are the most important parts of the Life of Jesus and that's what the Metal Opera The Passion Project is all about.