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Images Of Eden Classic Prog Metal
From USA

Sangreal Epic Metal
From Italy

Saved From Ourselves

Alternativ Metal From


Industri Metal from Finland


Indie Folk/Rock Experimental Alternative England


Indie/Rock England

Hope Through Grace

Metal Core


Progressive / Heavy Metal band based out of York, Pennsylvania, USA. Founded in 1998 by Gordon Tittsworth.
Carlos Urquidi Perez, Chris Lucci, Dennis Mullin, Gordon Tittsworth, L. Dean Harris, Steve Dorssom

Sangreal is an international Sacred Epic Metal Project.

The project connects the epic metal l to the sacred of the ancient scriptures, religious themes, legends, mysticism and esotericism. An epic journey between legends and history.

Saved From Ourselves, founded in 2009, is an alternative metal/ metal core band from Lappeenranta, Finland. The music consists of a variety of very heavy riffs and steady melancholic melodies. Lyrically the themes vary from topics about everyday life of an individual, to larger concepts about what a meaningful life is.

Since 2002, a Christian industry-influenced rock/metal band called Poltinmerkki has been active in Kotka. Janne Virtanen, who works as a singer and guitarist, is also very responsible for the composition work in the band, in collaboration with our keyboardist Sauli Paukkonen. Our drummer Ari Viren writes the lyrics for the band and Ville Viuhko plays bass in the band.