Askara - Horizon Of Hope


1Beyond The Horizon Of Hope


3My Name

4Artefact Of Want

5Rigor Mortis Animi

6The Shame

7Broken Wing

8Reprise: The Flight

150 SEK

Saviour Machine - Part 2


1The Covenant

2The Whore of Babylon

3Legend II:I

4The False Prophet

5Mark Of The Beast

6Anti-Christ II: The Balance Of Power

7World War III: The Final Conflict II

8Behold A Pale Horse

9The Martyrs Cry

10The Promise

11The Sixth Seal

12Legend II:II

13The Holy Spirit

14The Bride Of Christ

15Rapture: The Seventh Seal

16War In Heaven: The Second Fall

Cell 9 - The Devils Feast


1 Under My Skin 3:26
2 The Devils Feast 4:34
3 A Burning Haze 3:34
4 Touch The Sky 4:07
5 Save Me 4:13
6 Apoalypse Calls 3:23
7 Seasons Change 5:00
8 Intertwined 3:12
9 When Worlds Collide 4:17

150 SEK