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Armath Sargon War Till The End

1Live Or Die4:082

Loosing Yourself5:253

Sinking And Drowning3:274


Rocking The Devil's Boat3:166

War Crimes3:447

Pain, Pain, Pain4:528

Lies And Truth6:219

At The End4:1010

Behind The Clouds

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Deliverance ‎– X A Decade Of...

1 Victory 3:46
2 No Time 4:31
3 The Call 4:10
4 Flesh & Blood7:27
5 This Present Darkness2:47
6 Rescue4:40
7 After Forever5:24
8 Prophet of Idiocy3:25
9 Words to the 4:20

10 Rammin

12 Learn 5:28
13 Desperate Cries 3:48
14 Sanctuary

150 sek

Freakings ‎– Toxic End


2 The Day Will Come
3 Gladiator
4 Hate In Our Veins
5 Till Death
6 The Life
7 Thrash Metal
8 Atomic Idiocy
9 Rod Of God's Wrath
10 Why
11 False God

150 sek

Mortification ‎– Blood World

A1Clan Of The LightA2Blood WorldA3StarlightA4Your LifeA5Monks Of The High LordB1SymbiosisB2Love SongB3Live By The SwordB4J.G.S.H.B5Dark Allusions

150 sek

Mortification ‎– Hammer of God

150 sek

Mortification ‎– 10 Years Live Not Dead

Dead Man Walking4:14Buried Into Obscurity3:19Medley7:50Martyrs6:32Peace In The Galaxy6:10Hammer Of God3:47Influence5:31Steve Thanks1:07Mephibosheth3:47Chapel Of Hope4:38Liberal Mediocrity3:48God Rulz1:55King Of Kings

150 sek

Mortification ‎– The Silver Cord Is Severed

Metal Blessing
Access Denied
Bring The Joy
Standing At The Door Of Death
Whom They Would Kill
I Am A Revolutionary
Forsake The Flesh
Sensitive Nerve Endings
The Silver Chord Is Severed (Eccesiasties Chpt. 12)

150 sek

Tourniquet - Gazing at Meduza


1 Sinister Scherzo

2 Longing For Gondwanaland

3 Memento Mori

4 All Good Things Died Here

5 The Crushing Weight Of Eternity

6 The Peaceful Beauty Of Brutal Justice

7 Can't Make Me Hate You

8 One Foot In Forever

9 Gazing At Medusa