from Greece playing a high octane power metal similar to Accept in music however the song is unique must be heard

white vinyl

350 SEK ( Only One )


From Greece playing a high octane power metal similar to Accept in music however the song is unique must be heard

Splatter vinyl

350 SEK ( Only One )

One Bad Pig

This is the latest album from the legendary punk band One Bad Pig, with their crazy late shows they became big in the 80's.
Many people can think that they have influences of Heavy metal but they say themselves we play punk nothing else. (In stock)

Sleeaping Romanse

Symphonic metal from Greece very similar to Nightwish

250 SEK

1 in stock


Narnia's album from darkness to light is for me the best album musically and completely unlike the other albums that Narnia has gort however this album made them play at Sweden Rock

these albums are raid vinyl and cost 250 SEK ( IN STOCK


Melech from Sweden is a Death Metal Project and the people behind it are the two members Rickard Gustavsson and Karl Alfridsson from Pantokrator,250 SEK (one in stock)


The groundbreaking band from Australia whose singer was in a really bad way, but without God he wouldn't have made it. I'm talking about Steve Rowe and this is his very last album before he got his Stroke. 450 SEK (One in Stock)

mages Of Eden - Angle Born

This album allowed them to play for band to Yngwie Malmsten
Double Album with orange color

400 SEK

Images Of Eden - The Solrise This album that made them play the opening act for Iron Maiden

350 SEK ( In Stock


You are all too disappointed in they just continue to deliver Death Metal with class

black vinyl

300 SEK


What can you say if innerwish jo from greece music style there is only one name just say hammerfall listen and share your own opinion on this power metal band

transparen vinyl

350 SEK


When Swedish hard rock is at its best, here you will hear Mick Nordsröm (Jeruzalem) on drums, Björn Stigsson (Liviticus) and on vocals Sonny Larson (Motherlode) fantastic album for everyone who likes real hard rock

250 SEK (In Stock)


All For The King plays contemporary, heavy hard rock. The influences are many, but the sound of its own.

250 SEK (In Stock)