Our requirements are

You play some form of Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Rock or Punk, on Christian grounds. You must be Christians and dare to stand for your faith.

You must have played together for at least 2 years and have at least 5 songs ready.

If you are a band that wears masks or make-up for your real identity not to be known on or off stage or if you use an alias name, we at DHA Records must know what you really look like and your real appearance and identity. Please note that everyone at DHA Records has signed an duty of confidentiality.

We do not accept any consumption of alcohol or heavier drugs while you are under the DHA Records brand. Mainly because there is no workingplace that accepts concumption of alcohol or taking of heavier drugs during working hours.

Contact us: Send in a demo to us via and use the mail: There must be two songs, a calm and a heavier song, no instrumental songs, as well as a biography and a picture of the members in the band. If it is extreme metal your doing, we also want you to send the lyrics in a document.

It is also to your advantage if you have a video where you play live.

However, the video must not be older than two years. We will get back to you after 2 weeks, regardless of whether we are interested or not. Contracts and other agreements are only taken at a personal meeting